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Our Milk

Raw A2A2 Milk

Fresh raw A2/A2 milk! It doesn't get much better than that. Our milk is tested monthly at Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory to ensure you are getting the best possible product. All of our cows have been tested for A2/A2 milk.


Our milk is sold on an appointment basis. We recommend our customers let us know a day in advance to ensure their milk is available. If you contact us the day of, we cannot guarantee there will be any milk available. You also have the option to book a weekly appointment for a mutually agreed upon day.

Currently we are selling our milk in two sizes, quart disposable containers and 1/2 gallon glass containers. The glass 1/2 gallons are returnable; the first time a customer comes he pays for the jar plus milk. If the jar is returned clean, the milk will be sold minus the price of the jar.

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