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About Us

It is important to us to provide nutritious milk for our family and yours. High quality is our top priority, and we want to ensure you are getting a good product. That is one of the reasons we chose a2/a2 milking cows. It all started some years ago when we discovered some of our family was unable to digest pasteurized milk, however raw milk was not a problem. A family cow was the answer for us. When our friends and neighbors began asking if we had milk available for them we decided to begin providing milk for other families. By doing some research we discovered a2/a2 milk was easier to digest, and some people with milk intolerance's were able to consume a2/a2 milk with no problems. 

Having whole milk was also important to us, we choose to drink non-homogenized whole milk and enjoy providing it for others. Whole milk means we don't remove anything from our milk and it is non-homogenized. One of the benefits from this is that the cream is able to rise to the top and naturally preserve the milk.

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